About Rezeknes Augstskola
About Rezeknes Augstskola

Rezekne Higher Education Institution (RHEI) was established on the basis of the branches of the University of Latvia and Riga Technical University. On July 1, 1993 RHEI began to run as an independent higher education institution according to the Resolution No. 180 from April, 1993 of LR Council of Ministers "On Establishment of Rezekne Higher Education Institution".

Rezekne Higher Education Institution is a state founded higher education and science institution of the Republic of Latvia which implements the study programs as well as is engaged in scientific, research and artistic creative work. The principles of RHEI are:

  • freedom of academic and scientific work for the academic staff and students,
  • free choice of study programs, teaching methods and themes of scientific research,
  • expression (publishing) of scientific standpoints and results of research without censorship if this liberty doesn't contradict the norms of morality, rights of other persons and laws of the Republic of Latvia.

The aim of RHEI is to provide academic and professional higher education in compliance with the science development level and cultural traditions of Latvia being competitive in the European education space; to develop culture, science and education in Latgale region and thus in the whole Latvia. The main tasks of RHEI are:

  • to ensure unity of studies and research as well as opportunities to gain knowledge, academic education and professional skills, academic degrees and professional qualification in the spheres of social life, economy, culture, state administration and other spheres of professional activities,
  • to develop study programs, to select academic staff, to arrange laboratories, workshops, libraries and other structures to let students acquire knowledge, academic education as well as professional skills corresponding to the level of science development and cultural traditions of Latvia,
  • to ensure the requirements and procedure of tests and examinations to make the assigned degrees and titles, obtained diplomas and professional qualification, as well as acquisition of the study programs components to be internationally recognized by universities in Latvia and abroad,
  • to encourage further education and to participate in further education activities,
  • to collaborate with other educational and scientific research institutions as well as foreign universities,
  • to organize RHEI activities for public benefit and to inform society about RHEI activities as well as about the fields of studies and scientific research.



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