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Natural Sciences Department was established in 1995. Its initial aim was to ensure natural sciences and engineering sciences study courses in the study programs at the Faculty of Engineering and mathematics, physics, chemistry, general and special engineering courses at other faculties of RHEI.

After implementation of the study programs “Bachelor of Natural Sciences” and “Environmental Engineer Eco-technologist” in 1996 the main aim of the department was to create teaching-methodological, material and technical and informative basis for these study programs, as well as organize teaching-methodological and scientific work in the sphere of environment protection. The department simultaneously implements long-term development of study courses related to environmental sciences to students of other RHEI faculties. The department is implementing a higher professional education Bachelor study program “Environmental Engineer” at the moment.

Study programs implemented by Natural Sciences Department
  • Academic study program "Bachelor of Environmental Sciences" (1996 – 2002)
  • Higher professional study program in environment protection engineer and eco-technologist’s specialty with sub-programs (1996 – 2002)
    • Environment protection engineer
    • Engineer eco-technologist of food-processing
    • Engineer eco-technologist of civil engineering
  • Higher professional education Bachelor study program “Environmental Engineer” (since 2002)
  • Higher professional education Master study program “Environmental Protection”
Gotfrīds Noviks
Katedras vadītājs (kopš 1995.gada)
Gotfrīds Noviks
Dr.hab.geol. profesors
Ilga Morozova
Ilga Morozova

Rēzekne, Atbrīvošanas aleja 76

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