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Latgale sustainable development research institute
Latgale sustainable development research institute (LSDRI) was founded on June 27th, 2005.
The institute was registered in the LR register of Education and Scientific institutions on July 24th, 2006 Registration number 321086
Gotfrīds Noviks
The director of LSDRI
Dr.Hab.geol Gotfrids Noviks

Telephone. 64625258, 26707340
Rasma Deksne
LSDRI learned secretary, the head of the laboratory of applied ecology and natural resources
Rasma Deksne

Telephone. 64625154, 29423629

The objective of the institute activity is to form and perfect on an ongoing basis a theoretical and practical research basis in the field of environmental quality’s preservation, the efficient utilisation of national economy’s resources, introducing ecotechnologies that are necessary for the planning and development of Latgale region national economy.

The Institute does the research in the problems of environmental protection, ecotechnologies, natural resources, agricultural ecology and regional economics in order to achieve the objective.

The main tasks of the Institute are to do research, work out practical guidelines and participate in their implementation in the following trends:

  • The preservation of Latgale environment quality and biological diversity,
  • Working out of technologies for Latgale natural resources’ efficient utilization,
  • Working out and introduction of agricultural ecology’s basis principles that are appropriate to Latgale conditions,
  • The perfection of production sphere technologies according to the principles of environmental technologies (ecotechnologies),
  • The expansion of nature environment recreation and rehabilitation functions and consolidation of their efficient utilization usage.

The main principle of the Institute work is « Science-technology -innovation» that includes doing research, practical approbation of their results, working out of proposals, their introduction into technologies and projects, participation in their practical implementation.

The Institute regularly publishes the results of its research, presents them at the research and practical conferences and publishes informative materials.

Latgales ilgtspējīgās attīstības pētījumu institūts


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