Faculties Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of Economics and Management

RHEI Faculty of Economics and Management was established in 1993 on the basis of Latgale branch of the University of Latvia.

The aim of the faculty is to train specialists for science, national economy, state administration, banking and financing institutions, providing competitive higher academic and professional education for Latvia and the EU labor market.

Since foundation of the higher education institution the number of students at the faculty has increased 6.2 times. Students come to study from all districts of Latvia. The faculty mostly trains specialists for Latgale region, taking into account the socio-economical situation and labor market requirements. The implemented study programs at the Faculty of Economics comply with Latgale region development plan and main guidelines of Latvia state development strategies aimed at promotion of development of economic sciences and research in Latvia regions.

Since November, 1999 the dean of the faculty is Iluta Arbidane. Strategic questions concerning the Faculty of Economics and Management are solved by the Faculty Council, where the elected representatives of students are actively involved as well.

Since 1999 the head of the Council is associated professor Vija Strazdina.

Acting dean - Mag.oec. docente Iveta Graudiņa
Iveta Graudiņa
Study fields
  • Management science
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
Study programs implemented at the faculty

On the secondary education basis:

Academic study program:
  • Academic Bachelor study program “Management Science”

Professional education study program:
  • 2nd level professional higher education study program “Economics”
    • specialization Financial and Accounting Management
    • specialization Business Law

Professional Bachelor study program:
  • 2nd level professional Bachelor study program “Entrepreneurship”
    • specialization Commercial Services Management
    • specialization Tourism and Hotel Management
    • specialization Marketing

On higher education basis:

Academic study program:
  • Academic Master study program “Management Science”
  • Professional Master study program “Finance Management”

Professional education study program on the higher education basis:
  • Second level professional higher education study program “Entrepreneurship (qualification of financial economist)”

Project activities
  • LLP Erasmus
  • The development of economic potential of rural areas through broad net of bicycles routes
  • Rezekne special economic zone
  • REG-ELIN-LAT Small and medium enterprises innovative IT development promotion support network establishment, etc.
  • Rose festivity
  • Lecturers’ day
  • Students’ day
  • Career days
  • Christmas,
  • Graduates’ Eve
  • Scientific conferences etc.

Rēzekne, Atbrīvošanas aleja 90

Tālrunis: +371 6 4622904
Fakss: +371 6 4622904


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