Studies Diplomas and diploma supplements
Diplomas and diploma supplements

The diploma of higher education – an educational diploma, recognised by the state, which  attests  the acquired higher education of a person according to the acquisition of   internationally accredited programme corresponding to the particular level of higher education.

A supplement of a diploma – a diploma formed according to the regulations of the European Commission, The Council of Europe, educational, science and culture organisation of the United Nations (UNESKO/ CEPES), which provides objective information and ensures an academic and professional recognition of the corresponding diploma in Latvia and abroad.

 The information on the essence of successfully finished studies, the level, context, content and status of the person, mentioned in the original of the diploma are included in the supplement of the diploma.

All students of Rezekne Higher Education Institution get supplements of diploma for free.

The European recognition label has been awarded to the supplements of Rezekne Higher Education diplomas

On July 11th   2009 a recognition label, acknowledging the quality of diplomas’ supplements   was awarded to Rezekne Higher Education Institution in Brussels.

 The European Commission executive agency of education, audiovisual field and culture has awarded a prestigious recognition label of diplomas’ supplements to Rezekne Higher Education Institution.

Early in the year Studies’ department of Rezekne Higher Education Institution in collaboration with public relations’ department submitted the supplements of RHEI diplomas to the European Commission for appraisal. They were appraised in three turns – at the National agency, at the experts’ commission, as well as at the European Commission. 7 higher education institutions from Latvia had applied for the competition.  But the recognition award up to the year 2013 was awarded only to Rezekne Higher Education Institution.

Helena Overina, the head of RHEI public relations’ department has  emphasised that the Diploma Supplement Label is a confirmation to the fact that the education acquired at Rezekne Higher Education Institution    is appropriate to the highest standards of the European Quality, as well as it  testifies on the fact that RHEI successfully organizes work and incorporates into the space of   the European Union higher education, fulfils the requirements of the EU.   RHEI issues the unified Diploma Supplement Label since 2002.  In the future the Diploma Supplement Label will be also stationed on RHEI Diploma.

Alvine Kazinika, he head of RHEI studies department   has considered that a particular attention  at RHEI  is paid to the quality of studies, the procedure of  credits’ granting,  and the issue of the diploma supplements.

’’The Diploma Supplement Label has been gained due to the enterprise and an invested work of the staff of the faculties, Studies department and public relations’ department. It is an acknowledgement that RHEI graduates  not only acquire a good quality education but  also the fact that the credits granted correspond to the European Union credits’ transfer system and  a Diploma Supplement fully corresponds to the requirements of the  European Commission, ’’ Angelika Jusko-Stekele,   RHEI studies’ pro-rector has  pointed out.

At present RHEI offers 46 programmes – at the levels of basic studies, Master’s and Doctoral studies. When acquiring a higher education at any level, the graduates of Rezekne Higher Education Institution receive a diploma that has been acknowledged in Latvia, Europe and around the world.


Regulations of Diploma Supplement

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