Research work
Research work
The prior trends of scientific research at Rezekne University College
  1. Scientific and practical research of Latvia and Latgale region nature environment parameters’ ensuring for a save and favourable maintenance of an individual’s life quality, intellectual development and the expansion of national economy.
  2. The survey, maintenance and development ensuring of Latvia and Latgale region national culture and spiritual inheritance, historical and prognostic culture analysis.
  3. The survey and scientific providing of Latgale economic and social development in the context with the economic development of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.
  4. The integrated research and scientific providing of educational aspects’ effectiveness for youths’ educating and the training of qualified professionals.
  5. The research of the Republic of Latvia legal system’s problems in the context of legal science’s development in the European Union and all over the world and scientific ensuring of their implementation.
  6. The ensuring of Latgale region and the Republic of Latvia topical practical issues and the high-level scientific research in the field of Information Technologies’ development and practical application.

Rezekne University College development strategy for the years 2003 -2010 in the field of scientific research work
The development of scientific research work:
  • To do an extensive research work to facilitate economical and social development of the city, region and the state in general.
  • To participate in the working out and management of the state –level and international projects.
  • To ensure efficiency, identification and competitiveness in international movement.
  • To develop scientific schools at the departments and in the groups of professors.
  • To participate in the conferences, seminars and organise them, including the ones at the International level.
  • To activate publications in the international editions.
  • To envisage fixed financial resources for the development of scientific work at every department (at least 1% of their own earnings.
  • To upgrade the scientific level of Rezekne University College works, to acquire the status of internationally recognised editions.
  • To organise regular students’ scientific conferences, to become a part of international movement.

Integration of educational and scientific work:
  • To establish the groups of professors as the basis of educational and scientific research’s integration.
  • To involve students into scientific research and into the working out of term and diploma papers, to apply scientific research methods.
  • To ensure the inclusion of the results of topical scientific research into study courses, to perfect the programmes of study courses according to the achievements of science and technology.
  • To expand interfaculty scientific collaboration of students and academic staff.
  • To integrate scientific research works, the opportunities of higher education and modern technologies into the undivided setting of innovative activity.

The leading issues of scientific research at Rezekne University College
  • Optimization of Latgale economic and social development.
  • Economic and social-psychological innovations and their affecting factors in Latgale.
  • The potentialities of tourism development in Latgale.
  • The attraction, analysis and management of financial resources.
  • The integrated research of environmental protection problems and the problems of check-up efficiency increase.
  • Research and modelling of substances and stuffs’ qualities and physical processes.
  • Heuristic algorithms.
  • Informatively - technological ensuring of economics.
  • Research of methodology issues in teaching mathematics and computer sciences’ courses.
  • A pupil – individual in his/her setting
  • A student – a teacher –in-training – a solver of educational problems
  • Perfection topicalities of education quality.
  • Perfection of arts and crafts and basics of economics teachers’ education.
  • Methodology of arts and crafts and economics.
  • Qualitative acquisition of foreign languages.
  • History of Western –European literature.
  • Diachronic and synchronous aspects of lingual didactics.
  • Text perception: theory and practice.
  • The research of Baltic languages’ comparison.
  • Research of culture and history of culture, philosophy, arts.
  • History.
  • Development problems of contemporary legal system.

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