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What library users have to know
  • RUC students can become the users of library loan system, personally registering in the library –producing a valid RUC student’s card, the staff of RUC – producing a passport and a form from RUC personnel department. Any interested person can work in the reading –room, producing an identity card.
  • The loan system‘s period of use is 28 days. Textbooks are handed out for the period of the term, if their number is not limited. The books, which are in a high demand, are handed out for a period of a week. A subscriber is allowed to have not more than 15 books. If a part of the books has been returned, a subscriber can borrow the others. If no one has required a printed matter, the period of use can be prolonged. All the books have to be returned until the end of the term or the end of the academic year.
  • Printed work from the reading –room, reference books, the editions got through interlibrary loan system are not allowed to be borrowed.
  • Library users are fined or they are forbidden to use library service for a period of time that is determined by a librarian for the ignoring of library regulations.
  • The users who have lost or damaged some library resource have to substitute it by the equal one in contents or price (according to the estimation of a librarian). The amount of reimbursement has to correspond to its present market value.
  • When breaking up studies, a reader has to return all the borrowed printed materials and have to have a librarian’s signature in the form.


  • Lending out of literature
  • Registered readers have an opportunity to become authorised system users –receive an access to  their   own season ticket ( the register of lent books,  the date of returning, to request electronically to prolong the period of book’s usage)
  • Rendering of  bibliographic and factographic  references
  • Printing of the lists and other information from  data base
  • Services of interlibrary  loan (ILL)

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