International relationship International relations ERASMUS Forms and reports studies year 2008./2009.
Forms and reports studies year 2008./2009.

Mobility commitments of the beneficiary institution (Annex III)
Inter – institutional agreements (Annex IV)
Student mobility study agreement (Annex V.1)
ECTS - European credit transfer and accumulation system learning agreement (Annex V.2)
ERASMUS student charter (Annex V.3)
Student Mobility for Study final report form (Annex V.4)
Model placement agreement for an ERASMUS student placement (Annex V.5)
Training agreement and quality commitment (Annex V.6)
Student Mobility for Placement final report form (Annex V.8)
Docētāja mobilitātes līguma paraugs (Annex V.9)
Teaching Assignment (Annex V.10)
Staff Mobility – Teaching Assignment final report form (Annex V.11)
Personāla apmācības līguma paraugs (Annex V.12)
Staff Training Work Plan (Annex V.13)
Staff Mobility – Staff Training Assignment final report form (Annex V.14)

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