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Nordic Professional Links

Nordic Professional Links


NordProLink (Nordic Professional Links) provides an opportunity for young employees from private small and medium size companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and North West Russia (St. Petersburg, Republic of Karelia and Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Pskov, Velikiy Novgorod and Kaliningrad oblasts) – the so-called Adjacent Areas - to fulfill a training period of up to one month in a Nordic country. NordProLink offers you a unique possibility to boost your professional career.

The main idea behind NordProLink is to facilitate business contacts between companies in the Baltic countries and North West Russia on the one hand, and Nordic companies on the other hand.

The programme is managed by local NCM's Information offices in the Adjacent Areas.

NordProLink is a programme initiated and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Information on Nordic Cooperation

Nordic Cooperation is the responsibility of the Nordic Council, which was founded 1952 as a forum for Nordic inter-parliamentary cooperation. The Nordic Council of Ministers, which was founded in 1971 as a forum for Nordic inter-governmental cooperation. Five Nordic countries – Denmark , Finland , Iceland , Norway , Sweden and three autonomous territories – the Faeroe Islands , Greenland , Åland participate in the partnership. Nordic cooperation is designed to strengthen Nordic affinity in language and culture, Nordic interests in security, health, social affairs, environmental protection, consumer affairs, energy, education and training, business and employment.

More detailed information you will find on the Nordic cooperation's official web site www.norden.org and web sites of the NCM's Information Offices.  

Project objectives

This project is aimed at

· promoting the development of business relationships between commercial organizations in the Adjacent Areas and the Nordic countries
· fostering the development of small and medium size business in the adjacent areas
· providing an opportunity for young professionals in the Adjacent Areas to enhance their competence in Nordic market economy and management
· providing an opportunity for young employees in the Adjacent Areas to get work experience in a Nordic company
· spreading information on Nordic society, culture and basic principles of democracy

Why participate in NordProLink?

NordProLink will give you the following opportunities:

· through your own experience get acquainted with the workings of a Nordic company and enhance your professional level
· to create business contacts between your company and the host company in a way that will benefit both sides
· to get international experience that will be of personal benefit to you, and that will make you more attractive to employers in your home country

Your participation in NordProLink will make you a most valuable "bridge-builder" between your company and the host company.

If you want to know more about the experience of former trainees - look under "Former trainees share their experience”. 

Who can apply?

√ You are between 20 and 35 years old
√ You have at least one year of working experience
√ You work in a small or medium-sized enterprise
√ You have good English (or Nordic) language skills
√ Your home employer approves your participation in the programme
√ You are interested in serious business contacts

You should be interested in learning about labour market, Nordic society and motivated to develop your competences. You should be able to work both in teams and individually, and you are expected to show initiative and sense of responsibility.


Search for a host company

The applicant can choose between different ways of establishing contact with a host company:

- The candidate can him/herself find a host company. NordProLink expect such initiatives. Under “Useful Internet links” you will find links to sites that will be of help for your search.
- The candidate can approach NordProLink's suggested organizations (including twin city administrations). A list of these organizations and their addresses can be found under “NordProLink suggested organizations”.

Application procedure

Application form

Interested candidates are requested to fill in the application form in two copies. The following documents (in English) should be enclosed:

- Recommendation letter from the candidate's employer
- Confirmation from the host company

Deadlines and selection

There are two deadlines annually, April 15th and September 15th. The complete applications should be sent to your Nordic Council of Ministers' Information office (for address see below).

Decisions about the selection of candidates will be made by the relevant information offices. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection no later than one month after the deadline. 

Grant conditions

NordProLink trainees receive grants for in-training in Nordic companies for up to one month. The grants cover accommodation expenses, travel fare to and from the Nordic country, insurance and daily allowance.

Information programme before the training

Selected applicants will be invited to information meetings in each Baltic country and North-West Russia . The information programme consists of lectures about the Nordic countries and Nordic cooperation, in which a short presentation of living conditions, work ethics and business traditions in the Nordic countries are presented.


 A written report of the training period is to be submitted by the grantee to the local NCM's office no later than one month after the end of the traineeship.


NordProLink certificates will be issued to all trainees having successfully completed and reported on the traineeship.

Former trainees share their experience

If you click on the following address you will be able to read about how former trainees from the Adjacent Areas evaluate their own training experiences from working in a Nordic company.



Here you can get acquainted with the number of trainees that have participated in NordProLink and to what countries they have been to.

NordProLink suggested organizations

The following organizations and twin cities might be helpful for applicants in the search for suitable host companies. For any contact, use the e-mail addresses indicated below.

Nordic institutions
NIB – Nordic Investment Bank – web site: www.nib.int , e-mail: info@nib.int
NJC – Nordic Journalist Centre – web site: www.njc.dk , e-mail: njc@njc.dk
Nordtest – Joint Nordic Organization for Promoting Technical Testing – web site: www.nordtest.org , e-mail: nordtest@nordtest 
FNF – The Confederation of Norden Associations – web site: www.fnf.norden.no , e-mail: fnf@norden.no

Denmark (including Faeroe islands and Greenland )
Danish Export Council – web site: www.um.dk , e-mail: um@um.dk
Danish Confederation of Employers – web site: www.da.dk , e-mail: da@da.dk
Danish Chamber of Commerce – web site: www.hts.dk , e-mail: hts@hts.dk
Confederation of Danish Industries – web site: www.di.dk , e-mail: di@di.dk
Cirius – web site: www.ciriusonline.dk , e-mail: cirius@ciriusmail
Copenhagen Business School – web site: www.cbs.dk , e-mail: cbs@cbs.dk
The City of Aalborg – web site: www.aalborg.dk
The City of Copenhagen – web site: www.kobenhavn.dk
The City of Odense – web site: www.odense.dk , e-mail: odense@odense.dk
The City of Torshavn – web site: www.torshavn.fo

Finland (including Åland islands)

Finnish Foreign Trade Association – web site: www.finpro.fi , e-mail: info@finpro.fi
Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers – web site: www.tt.fi , e-mail: tt@tt.fi
Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce – web site: www.finruscc.com , e-mail: info@finruscc.fi
Finnish Tourist Board – web site: www.mek.fi , e-mail: mek@mek.fi
CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) – web site: www.finland.cimo.fi , e-mail: cimoinfo@cimo.fi
Turku School of Economics and Business Administration – web site: www.tukkk.fi , e-mail: international@tukkk.fi
The City of Helsinki – web site: www.helsinki.fi
The City of Joensuu – web site: www.jns.fi
The City of Kuopio – web site: www.kuopio.fi
The City of Mariehamn – web site: www.mariehamn.aland.fi
The City of Oulu – web site: www.ouka.fi
The City of Pori – web site: www.pori.fi
The County of Rovaniemi – web site: www.roi-mlk.fi
The City of Tampere – web site: www.tampere.fi
The City of Turku – web site: www.turku.fi
The City of Varkaus - web site: www.varkaus.fi


Trade Council of Iceland – web site: www.icetrade.is , e-mail: icetrade@icetrade.is
Iceland Chamber of Commerce – web site: www.chamber.is , e-mail: mottaka@chamber.is
Icelandic Tourist Board – web site: www.icetourist.is , e-mail: info@icetourist.is
Reykjavik University School of Business – web site: www.ru.is , e-mail: ru@ru.is
The City of Akureyri – web site: www.akureyri.is
The City of Reykjavik – web site: www.reykjavik.is


Norwegian Trade Council – web site: www.ntc.no , e-mail: oslo@ntc.no
Oslo Chamber of Commerce – web site: www.chamber.no , e-mail: mail@chamber.no
Norwegian Tourist Board – web site: www.ntr.no , e-mail: norway@ntr.no
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration – web site: www.nhh.no , e-mail: nhh.postmottakk@nhh.no
The City of Oslo – web site: www.oslo.com
The City of Tromsø – web site: www.tromso.kommune.no , e-mail: postmottak@tromso.kommune.no
The City of Vadsø – web site: www.vadso.kommune.no , e-mail: postmottak@vadso.kommune.no
The City of Vardo – web site: www.vardo.kommune.no , e-mail: postmottak@vardo.kommune.no


Swedish Export Council – web site: www.swedishtrade.se , e-mail: infocenter@swedishtrade.se
Swedish Confederation of Employers – web site: www.svensktnaringsliv.se , e-mail: info@svensktnaringsliv.se
Swedish Tourist and Travel Council – web site: www.swetourism.se , e-mail: info@swetourism.se
Swedish Institute – web site: www.si.se , e-mail: si@si.se
Stockholm School of Commerce – web site: www.hhs.se , e-mail: Careercenter@hhs.se
The County Council of Stockholm – web site: www.sll.se
The City of Göteborg – web site: www.goteborg.se
The City of Kiruna – web site: www.kiruna.se
The City of Luleå – web site: www.lulea.se , e-mail: lulea.kommun@lulea.se
The City of Malmö – web site: www.malmo.se
The City of Norrköping – web site: www.norrkoping.se
The City of Stockholm – web site: www.stockholm.se
The City of Umeå – web site: www.umea.se/net/ , e-mail: umea.kommun@umea.se

Useful Internet links for own search

For all countries
European Business directory –

Denmark (including Faeroe islands and Greenland )
Danish Export Directory – www.danishexporters.dk
Business Directory – www.dmoz.org/Regional/Europe/Denmark
Yellow Pages – www.degulesider.dk
Official Gateway to Denmark– www.denmark.dk

Finland (including Åland islands)
Finnish Export Directory – www.trade-finland.com/tradesearch
Business Directory – www.dmoz.org/Regional/Europe/Finland
Yellow Pages – www.keltaisetsivut.fi
Official Gateway to Finland – www.virtual.finland.fi

Iceland Export Directory – www.icelandexport.is
Business Directory- www.dmoz.org/Regional/Europe/Iceland
Yellow Pages – www.gulalinan.is
Official Gateway to Iceland – www.iceland.org

Norwegian Export Directory – www.nortrade.com
Business Directory – www.dmoz.org/Regional/Europe/Norway
Yellow Pages – www.gulesider.no
Official Gateway to Norway – www.odin.dep.no/odin/engelsk


Swedish Export Directory – www.sed.swedishtrade.se
Business Directory – www.dmoz.org/Regional/Europe/Sweden
Business Directory “Askalix” – www.askalix.com
Yellow Pages – www.gulasidorna.se
Official Gateway to Sweden – www.sweden.se

Sites with general information on the Nordic countries

For all countries
Hello Norden is an information service for people who move from one Nordic country to another and may encounter problems of various sorts. Hello Norden helps you to locate the appropriate authority that can provide you with the answers. You can put your question in Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish or English.






Links to embassies in the Nordic countries





Links to Nordic embassies in the adjacent areas







Why send or receive a trainee through NordProLink?

NordProLink offers home and host companies a unique possibility of developing their international business relations and establish long lasting business contacts.

The main incentives for home companies are:
- the possibility, at minimal costs, to invest in improved professional competence, especially on the level of international business.
- the opportunity to establish long lasting business contacts with companies from neighboring Nordic countries.

The main incentives for host companies are:
- the possibility to have a competent and motivated trainee from the Baltic states or Russia adding his/her specific experience, as well as his/her cultural, social and professional competence to the company's
- the opportunity to establish, at minimal costs, long lasting business contacts with companies from emerging economies across the Baltic Sea
- your company shall not pay salary for the trainee

Whether the contact with the trainee was made directly or through the mediation of our suggested organizations, the host company will always have the final word in the selection of the trainees.


Nordic Council of Ministers' Information Offices in the Adjacent Areas


 Nordic Information Office in Russia
Ulitsa Kazanskaya 10-2, 191186 St Petersburg
Tel: +7 812 311 44 73 / +7 812 314 85 17
Fax: +7 812 311 38 87
E-mail: info@nmr.spb.ru , web site: www.norden.ru

Contact Centre in Murmansk
Ulitsa Sportivnaya 13-138, Technical University
183101 Murmansk
Tel: +7 8152 457751
E-mail: nmr@murman.ru

Contact Centre in Petrozavodsk ( head office for NordProLink in North West Russia for the year 2003 )
Ulitsa Anokhina 20-410, 185002 Petrozavodsk
Tel/Fax: +7 812 78 35 34
E-mail: nmr@mainpgu.karelia.ru
Pavel Petrov

Contact Centre in Arkhangelsk
Ulitsa Pomorskaya 7, room 419, 163061 Arkhangelsk
Tel: +7 8182 645546
Tel/Fax: +7 8182 645501
E-mail: nmr@arkhangelsk.ru


 Nordic Information Office in Estonia
Lai 29, 10133 Tallinn
Tel: + 372 627 31 00
Fax: + 372 627 31 10
E-mail: info@nmr.ee , web site: www.nmr.ee

Contact Centre in Tartu (head office for NordProLink in Estonia for the year 2003)
Raekoja plats 8, 51004 Tartu, Estonia
Tel: + 372 742 36 25
Fax: + 372 744 12 41 
E-mail: katrin@nmr.ee
Katrin Kangur


Nordic Information Office in Latvia
Marijas iela 13/III (Berga Bazaars), 1666 Riga
Tel: + 371 7211 506/ + 371 7211 006
Fax: + 370 721 3233
E-mail: daina@nmr.lv , web site: www.nmr.lv
Daina Mezecka


Nordic Information Office in Lithuania
Didzioji g.5, LT-2001 Vilnius
Tel: + 370 5 212 22 11
Fax: + 370 5 212 24 23
E-mail: info@nmr.lt / lina@nmr.lt , web site: www.nmr.lt
Lina Sabaliauskaite 

Contact Centre in Klaipeda
Baznyciu 4 / Darzu 10,
5800 Klaipeda
Tel: + 370 46 420 530
Fax: + 370 46 411 334
E-mail: info@nmr.lt

Papildus informācija http://www.norden.org/

RA Kontaktinformācija
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Tālrunis: +371 64623709
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