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Danish language anD Culture Course

Danish language anD Culture Course

The EILC course is a 3 week course supported by the EU and designed for
Erasmus students who plan to spend a semester or two in Denmark.
Students will learn how to express themselves in everyday language and also
some aspects about Danish culture and lifestyle which will increase the outcome
of their semester abroad.
Excursions in the surrounding areas as well as afternoon arrangements about
Danish culture will also be organized. There is no tuition fee for Erasmus students
who study as exchange students.
More information about the course can be found on our website
and on the website of the European Commission
Applications should be submitted to the home institutions not later than 28 May 2010. The
home universities are responsible for forwarding the applications to VIA University College,
School of Technology and Business, which should receive applications from the home
institutions not later than 6 June 2011. Applications must be sent to Marianna Cramer,
email mcra@viauc.dk

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